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somewhat_legit's Journal

Somewhat Legitimate Icons
Inside Your Horse
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Welcome to the somewhat legitimate shared icon journal for members of COTWWSB. Here you will find our multi-fandom icons ranging from glorious to medioxor! We created this journal because most of us do not make enough icons to have our own personal icon journals, but combined, our icon-creating powers are vast and mighty enough to make somewhat_legit a somewhat worthy creation.

Membership is closed, but please feel free to friend the community to keep up with our updates. Don't worry, most of us are lazy so it won't overwhelm your friends list with too many entries. Our icons are all shareable (unless noted otherwise) but you must follow these rules:

- Credit the icon maker! (The individual, please, not this journal.)
- Do not edit our icons.
- Comment if you're taking anything.
- No hotlinking! cooldecade will cut you or verycleanindeed will shank you. Or both.